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Hebridean Naturalists on Vatersay
Hebridean Naturalists on Vatersay

The Outer Hebrides are a string of islands on north-west edge of the British Isles, separated from the mainland and islands of the Inner Hebrides by the Minch and Sea of the Hebrides. All the islands all have their own distinct character; their landscapes and rich wildlife protected by a traditional way of life and their remote location. We hope that Hebridean Nature Notes will introduce you to the amazing array of animals and plants found in the islands, from the wildflowers and bumblebees of the machair, to the eagles which haunt the hills and moorland, and the marine life which thrive in our clear coastal waters.

Hebridean Nature Notes are a reflection of our enthusiasm for the wildlife of the islands. We hope that by describing our journeys around the islands and sharing our encounters with the local wildlife, that we can convey some of the magic of the Outer Hebrides. Nature Notes enables us to respond to the observations and identification queries posted on the Outer Hebrides Biological Recording and Curracag (Outer Hebrides Natural History Society) social media sites. A little background information can sometimes turn an everyday encounter with nature into a wildlife adventure and start a journey of discovery into the world natural history.

Discover the wildlife of the Outer Hebrides in the Nature Notes in the Hebridean Nature Notebook

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