Hebridean Nature Notes

Hebridean Nature Notes

Hebridean Nature Notes is a collection of short articles about the plants, animals, fungi and natural environment of the islands of the Outer Hebrides. They describe the everyday encounters of the islands’ naturalists with our wildlife. Fascinating snippets of information about individual species are combined with observations of the natural history of the islands characteristic ecosystems. Join us on our journeys through the variety of landscapes that give each island it’s unique character.

Hebridean Nature Notes is the link between the Curracag (Outer Hebrides Natural History Society) and Outer Hebrides Biological Recording social media sites, and the Hebridean Naturalist journal. Social media sites are prefect for answering queries about identification, sharing wildlife observations or news, but they are not designed to provide the detailed information which can make the ordinary fascinating or satisfy the curious naturalist. The Hebridean Naturalist includes short nature notes, but the space available is very limited and, as it is only published on annual basis, the accounts can lose their immediacy.

We hope that Hebridean Nature Notes will be able to bridge this gap by providing a home for articles about the wildlife of the Outer Hebrides that will be interesting and informative, with a vibrant energy and enthusiasm which brings an observation to life and conveys the magic of the natural environment of our islands.

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